Tourism Reviews

Get a glimpse of the tourism industry in New Zealand by reading through the reviews here. These experiences are a good indication of what visitors to Christchurch and surrounding areas can expect.

Nicky Yuen visited Christchurch from California. The 27-year-old accountant said, “I really like the size of the city. I really like the graffiti in the street art. When you’re walking around, there’s always something new to see. I think it’s a good dynamic; it’s not too big or too small. There is something new to see around every corner.”

Jackson Crawford took a drive around the countryside on the southern Island of NZ. He said, “There’s some room for improvement, I haven’t seen all of the things, but there could be a little bit more attractions set up to draw in more visitors. The scenery is beautiful.”

Yolanda Austen visited Milford Sound on the Southern Island. She mentioned that “It is hard to compete with the beauty of Milford Sound. There are so many different outdoor activities and things to see and do. Milford Sound is right around the corner. People who enjoy outdoorsy things would enjoy themselves thoroughly here.”

Fellow American Dorothy Clements, 29, from Seattle, works as a bartender in central Christchurch. She said, “There’s a good mix between greenery and buildings within the city. The buildings are not so tall that it disrupts the view of the horizon, so you get sunlight no matter where you are in the city, which is really nice”.

The city definitely has an interesting energy, and it is really cool to see different buildings popping up. Despite boasting four beaches, nine museums, 10 parks and more than 25 kilometres of cycle routes, there’s a feeling Christchurch can still improve on what it offers to tourists. Readers can get in touch here for more information.